Mission Polychrome Basketry Bowl


Mission Polychrome Basketry Bowl


c. 1900
Geometric and anthropomorphic motifs
6" x 9.5"

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Basketry represents one of the oldest art forms on the planet. Baskets were produced on every inhabited continent, by virtually every pre-industrial culture. The baskets woven in native North America rival the finest examples made during any time period, by any culture, including those made in ancient Greece, Egypt, China and Pre-Columbian South America. 

Basket making is a painstaking process which involves not only weaving, but the harvesting, preparation and splitting of raw plant materials. Only after this labor intensive prep work is finished can the actual weaving process begin. There are three main weaving techniques: coiling, twining and plaiting. These techniques, along with the type of materials used, color choices and design preferences are how we distinguish the work of one tribal group from another.