Dwayne Wilcox

Dwayne Wilcox at IAIA in Santa Fe

We wanted to congratulate one of our represented artists, contemporary ledger artist Dwayne Wilcox, on his well-received solo exhibition at IAIA!

Below are a few of our favorites from the show and the associated wall texts.

“Awkward” by Dwayne Wilcox

Wall text for Awkward

“Business is Booming” by Dwayne Wilcox

Wall text for Business is Booming

(above) Three views of “Desert Storm” by Dwayne Wilcox


Dwayne’s exhibition ended this past Sunday; however, we encourage anyone who is interested to join Dwayne and others for the IAIA #NoFILTER Reception and MFA Reading this Friday, May 17, 2019 from 4 PM – 7:30 PM.

The event begins at 4:00 PM with a gallery talk by Dwayne Wilcox, then a performance by Tiffany T. Adams (Chemehuevi Indian Tribe), followed with a reading by MFA Creative writing graduates and ending with the closing reception for #NoFILTER: IAIA 2019 BFA Exhibition.

More info about this and other upcoming events at IAIA can be found on their website.