Anthony Baca and Johanna Herrera


Anthony Baca and Johanna Herrera


Santa Clara Pueblo

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Blackware Jar by Anthony Baca & Johanna Herrera
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Although one would not call Anthony Baca and Johana Herrera’s reputations for traditional, well-made Santa Clara Pueblo pottery obscure, they certainly maintain a very low profile.  Neither were born into famous Pueblo potter families nor are either major award winners. Nonetheless, both are known for their high-quality and traditionally made pottery. Their carving and polishing techniques surpass many well-known and awarded potters in quality with their pots simplistic integrity.

This Santa Clara couple works on each piece they create together.  They have been working together for over seventeen years and only work in traditional Santa Clara methods. Both Anthony and Johana learned this art form from well-known artist Corn Moquino.  Baca and Herrera typically make customary forms with lovely carved Avanyu, or water serpent, designs and a highly polished surface.

 Neither seems focused on award winning or competitions for their ancestral pottery. However, while Johanna Herrera and Anthony Baca are not as well-known potters as are some of their contemporaries, their high-quality crafted pieces are still sought after by collectors throughout New Mexico and other areas of the United States.  Regardless of location, collectors’ world-wide can benefit from the very low profile maintained by Anthony and Johanna keeping their artworks a fine value.


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