"Shot in the Eye"

PA-0560 Yellowhawk LOW.jpg
PA-0560 Yellowhawk LOW.jpg

"Shot in the Eye"


Contemporary Ledger Drawing
by: Jim Yellowhawk (Lakota)
Ink, colored pencil on 1841 ledger paper & vintage photo
21.25” x 17” x 2.25”

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Shot In the Eye (1835 - 1910) was an Oglala Lakota headsman that fought in the Battle of Little Big Horn and was shot in the eye there in 1876. Formerly known as Paha Ska (White Mountain) but was re-named after the battle. His portrait was taken at the Sioux Encampment of Oglala Maȟpíya Lúta. The detail on the bottom of the black mat board is representational of maps used to depict the Battle of Little Big Horn.